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What website can you expect from us?

The most popular platform

The WordPress content management system has a 64% market share, and we use WordPress to create the website. In the other systems, the possibilities are more limited, since fewer people develop them.

Extensible website

If you start small, you can expand your website later, e.g. with webshop, membership system, course extension, etc.

Mobile friendly

We pay special attention to the mobile appearance, in terms of design and usability.

You can edit it yourself

We train you on how to edit the content and appearance of the website after you enter the administration interface.

Marketing tools

Many marketing plugins are available, e.g. SEO tools, email marketing, subscription popup, countdown banner, cart abandonment emails, analytics, social media integration, etc.


We test the finished website on various devices and browsers so that its appearance and functions are correct on all devices.



Premium softwares

We provide free access to high-value premium softwares. The package includes e.g. appointment booking system, marketing tools, such as popup, countdown banner, and webshop accessories as well.


Online training

With video or online training, we teach you how to use the software so that you can edit the content and modify the design yourself. After all, you need to know how to write blog posts, upload images, and then optimize the content for the Google search engine.


Marketing agency SOPs

We share with our customers a constantly updated collection of SOPs, about 100 items, which helps with complicated settings related to Google and Facebook ads, as well as analytics and tag management: it shows the settings step by step. Of course, we also make these settings if required.


Design elements

We provide you with ready-made page elements in various styles, with which you can expand and transform your pages.

Marketing execution

Based on the market research, we decide through which channels and with which tools it is worth building the automated sales system. With simpler systems, you can roughly estimate how profitable it will be. In the case of more complicated sales funnels, however, there is more uncertainty, rather, it becomes clear how profitable it is only during operation. That's why it's worth starting with something simple if the forecasts are positive, e.g. we target those who are about to buy with Google ads, and if they don't buy, we address them again with email marketing or display remarketing.

Website creation with sales funnel

SEO, ads, email marketing

In the beginning, you will probably need advertising, and in the medium term, SEO can be a solution for getting visitors. It is worth building an email database and social follower base so that you can cost-effectively address your audience again, build trust, and lead them further down the sales funnel.

Sales funnels

It is worthwhile to plan the customer's route in detail, from visitor acquisition to subscription to purchase, in which phase to convey which message through which channels in the automated system. All this should be optimized later on based on the analytical data.

Product pyramid

More complicated, multi-step sales funnels include a product pyramid: e.g. free bait, cheap entry product, main product, upsell. In this way, the initially "cold" visitor gets to know us and our products or services gradually and with less risk. This increases the chance of commitment and the purchase of the more expensive product.


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The steps of website design

After you have requested an offer and accepted our offer, we conclude a contract with a digital signature over the Internet, no paperwork, mailing, or personal meeting is required for this. We will then ask you additional questions in order to get an adequate picture of your target group, your business, available content, and your ideas regarding the website. This is followed by market research, which determines the direction of the design, both regarding the structure of the website and marketing. Then the actual website creation can begin.

1. The first step in creating a website is market research

Of course, market research precedes the start of the business, but the online appearance must be preceded by another market research. Among other things, we can get answers to the following questions during market research:

  • Where is our target group present, where can they search for our service? For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, etc.
  • How many people search for our service in the search engines?
  • How strong is the competition?
  • How large is the traffic of the competitors, where do their visitors come from?
  • Which keywords would be worth optimizing for? (SEO)
  • What is the average conversion rate in the industry?
  • How much income can you earn with Google ads depending on the advertising cost?

This predicts how profitable your business will be if you advertise to prospective buyers. If google estimates a loss, you can try other tools and sales funnels, or you have to provide higher prices.

The answers to these questions indicate where and how to target our target group, what sales funnels to try, and how the website should be structured.

2. Image design

When designing a digital image, it must be taken into account that the design must work on all devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop displays. You may want to consider the current statistics, which resolutions are the most common ones, and design for those. The logo also appears in several forms, horizontal, square, or even vertical, since the logo can appear not only on the website, but also in the favicon and social media profile pictures.

Of course, even in digital image design, the image is determined by what message and feelings we try to convey about ourselves, our product or service to the target group, and of course who the target group is. Thus, we choose the logo, colors, typography, images, illustrations and shapes used accordingly, or let's plan it.

3. Web design tools

Quite a few paid and free tools available on a website for the preparation, and the available software in addition to can be trusted web developers, too, if a specific web service is planned to launch, to which there is no available software. In most cases, however, there is no need web developer, a web designer can prepare our website.

3.1 content management systems (CMS)

Websites should be created with CMS (content management system) systems, these are software with which the user can edit the content of the pages after a little learning, and they enable a lot of extra functions, for example webshop, subscription system, forum, blog, etc.

The most popular of the CMS systems is WordPress, as I write this it has 64.2% of the market share in the world, while the second placed Shopify's share of only 6,1%. Therefore, the WordPress-t is developed in the most and this software has the most with a plugin. 

3.2 WordPress

WordPress is therefore the most popular free CMS, which has both free and paid templates and plugins.

The template defines some global settings of the image, e.g. colors, typography, visual layout, and plugins are mainly responsible for certain functions, e.g. firewall, backup, webshop, antispam, SEO, social media integration, etc.

Wordpress website creation

There are also page builder extensions that take over the entire page building function from WordPress, such as Elementor, Divi builder, etc., but in the block editor of WordPress, which was released a few years ago, we can create pages of the same quality without coding. Thus, the role of page builders is expected to decrease in the future.

4. Domain name choice

Most likely it will be difficult for you to find the correct domain name, because the good domain names are taken, that's a serious idea for you'll need. Some basic advice worth keeping:

  • hungary's target group of the event .en international target group of the event .com, suffix of domain name you choose.
  • without accents include the vowels!
  • preferably short, remember you can be!
  • the market research and found the best keyword is included in the domain name. But unfortunately there is small chance that it's not taken already.
  • Of course, the brand/product/service name may be your domain name. But it could be later expanded to the products/services of that think of the domain name is election!
  • Search google, social media, where you can see the name, contained in the name. Maybe is protected? This trademark or trademark search engines, refer to.

Finally, the storage providers usually you can check if the chosen domain name and to buy. But before you buy, select the storage services you.

5. Storage choice

Since WordPress is very popular, so most of the hosting provider, adequate storage space provides the WordPress for you. However, the website needs may differ, the traffic, storage requirements, memory requirements, etc. as a function of. Obviously, the cheap hosting for just crowded servers have a smaller memory and storage size. 

A little traffic website, in the case of you can start small, cheap storage, and later you can expand. There's opportunity for service providers to change the future, but the migration into a little work or money you have to invest. Compare the mhosting.en and the tarhely.eu hosting bids! One cheap hosting, but crowded server, you get a place, the other's more expensive, but a larger site will be less of a technical problem. 

6. Content production, sales funnels

A website not only to the basic page is comprised of, such as the home page, products/services, portfolio, about us, contact, etc. of The website content in part, the market research on the basis to prepare: the most sought-after keywords a separate page or blog article belong to the better position in the search engines. The keyword products, services, or bait and some form show the visitors such as the text in the sidebar or in a popup window. 

We actually build sales funnels. In the case of the simplest such funnel, we use Google ads to direct prospective buyers to a sales page where they can purchase our product / service. But there are multi-step funnels, where the visitor first signs up for some kind of free bait, then e.g. we build trust with email marketing until the purchase. It all depends on which funnel can be profitable. Market research can help you estimate this, and later your own data. 

There are a legally binding elements, such as the data management conference, the accept cookies, forms with the data manager in a consent checkbox, but webshop in the case of additional pages are required, e.g., the general TERMS and conditions, Withdrawal.

In summary, the basic sites and the legally binding sites in addition, it may be necessary to subscribe to pages and sales pages, to guide the visitors to the particular sales funnel.

7. Testing

The website features we tested various browsers and devices. There are also many software and online services, which reveal the website's weaknesses user experience and technical SEO aspects, such as performance, wheelchair access, mobile-friendly operation, etc.


Frequently asked questions

In addition to our services, you only have to pay the hosting provider the annual fee for hosting and domain, which for a cheaper hosting and .hu domain is between 12 - 25 thousand HUF per year, depending on the needs of the website. For individual needs you may need to pay for wordpress extensions, but we have licenses for many premium extensions that you don't have to pay for. In the case of advertising, you will of course have to pay Google and Facebook for the cost of advertising. For webshops, there may be extra costs for billing, card payments and logistics to the providers.

1 year troubleshooting: in case of failure to solve the problem, or the hosting service provider to control the server-related problems in the case.

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